Euvoia is a Greek word defined as "well mind" or "beautiful thinking." 

Euvoia's intention is to initiate an emotional connection in the observer using elements of color, tone and mood. 

These collections consist of limited/open editions from bodies of work including Achromatic, Pelagic, Object and Structure Series. 

Achromatic - This series evokes the glorious juxtaposition of old and new architecture. The rich shifting of tonalities and contrasting shapes were the guiding inspirations for these photographs. 
Pelagic - Defined as “open sea" - this series was captured along the coast of New England -- Maine, New Hampshire and Boston. The aim of these images is to create a sense that no barrier exists between the observer and the water. 
Object - This series explores time, space and isolation within a dream world.
Structure Series - Each city's structure series captures the unique design, angles and architectural arrangements of the buildings, often showcasing them anomalously.  

The hope is that viewers and collectors will be inspired and respond to the photographs as passionate dreamers.